I’m your Priestess, your Lover, your Mistress

I’m the Chosen One, the Only One, the Witch, and the Nun

I am the breath of existence, the smile of contentment

The color of surrender, the music of descendent

I am Your Water, I create in that Water

With my thoughts and with my words, I make up worlds

You fill me with Light, You bless me with the Sky

You flow through me Your inspiration

You bless me with the power of creation

You decorate the Universe with galaxies

As a gift to me, so I can play with it

I create with you in Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

You’re my Brother, my Husband, my Father

You are God, I am God

For You and through You

I come, I die, and I am reborn

I give You everything, take it all!

My body, my mind, and my soul

They belong to you

Now and till the end of times

I will be Yours, God.