Dance with the Devil

you have no horns and you don’t spit fire in anger

you don’t laugh watching my soul boiling in a pot

your motionless face is carved in time like the monument of darkness

the cold arms spread into galaxies on the hunt for the light

and so you put your mask on and invite me to dance

your smell casts a spell on my senses

your lips drink longing from the pulse on my temple

you knead my back like clay for a doll

I’m your puppet, I follow wherever you go

I can play these charades forever

guessing the moves from the pull on my shoulder

I give in, you’re the master, till the song is over

have my soul, do what you want

just make me fly, make me high.

my chakras illuminate the night like the stop lights

it’s a red, girl, it’s a red, don’t go there

but the mind is sipping cocktails in the land of oblivion

you’re the black hole I can’t stop falling into

lullabied by kizomba, my instincts go off

I’m trading joy for the illusion of love.

my heart opens like the damn Pandora’s box

you breathe in my insecurities with greed

my fears make you stronger

my tears make you fonder

oh no, wait! that’s yet another of your tricks.

behind your eyes full of tenderness

under the smirk of self-confidence

wrapped in the shining promise of passion

I find nothing

there’s nothing

only emptiness

and that’s what a true demon is—