Christmas Gift

If I were to meet my Sixteen-Year-Old-Next-Life Self

By a plate of gluten-free panettone cake

Next to a 3D-printed Christmas tree

And I had only one gift to give

It would be this—

A piece of advice: Love a Man

Who can close you in his arms

Before the wind blows away your laugh

Like a cloud of dandelions you hang from his glance

Sticky fluff of a smile and wavering of a velvet voice

Curled up in the corner of his lips

Your name is a sonnet he wants to sing

From the top of a skyscraper

King of the concrete jungle

You are his Queen.

A Man who knows world’s only a joke

Whispered by God

To his Goddess’s ear

Just to see her beam.

He collects your tears to plant them on his sheets

Like forget-me-nots they blossom with a kiss

Of Hope.

You will never leave, he will never leave

Yet, there’s another trick up his sleeve

A butterfly behind your ear

Did you see it glide? Did you see?

A Man who loves to dance

Trust me on this one

You want a Man who can clasp your heartbeat in his palms

Then push you in a swirl

Make your heart fly

You didn’t even know you could do that

You didn’t know

You’re a bird!

A Man who travels

On the dunes of your lips

On the hills of your hemispheres

He counts his wristbands

He bought you one from everywhere he went

Without even knowing your name yet.

Every scar encodes a story

Every wrinkle carries a promise

Of infinite adventures by his side

Never-ending cocktail of endorphins.

A Man who doesn’t give a fuck

About loving you hygienically

As per the rules of the unisex world of XXI century

He’s not having any of that

A Man who loves you oldfashionedly

The way men loved women for centuries

With flowers in their hands, poems on their lips

Doors behind their backs

So you can step in and make his world a MYSTERY

He wants to keep on solving till he dies.

Let him try.

My Dear Sixteen-Year-Old-Next-Life Self

Love a Man

Who is the answer to every question you will ever ask

Does God exist?

It has to

If It created Him!

A lover, a brother, a friend, and companion

A holder of hands

A kisser of fears

A hugger of bad dreams

Your most precious gift

THAT kind of Man

Merry Christmas to Me.