The Spider and the Butterfly

“You sure u wanna do this?”

His whisper breaks the beat

“I’m just passing here, you see,

I’m just passing here…”

Butterflies and spiders shouldn’t mix

But his Noami Campbell eyes see through me

My bitten lip, my dilated pupils

I’m a perfect prey, a stupid prey

Laying myself in his web

Fainting under his breath

It’s too late.

So he takes me home

Fills my spirit with Lisbon at dawn

Soothes my nerves with Vanilla Sky walk

Excuse me, Sir, which way to Martim Moniz Square?

Who cares, this desire burns holes in my common sense

He brushes my hand off his chest made of stone

“Why are you touching me like this?

I’m dangerous, don’t you know?”

“No, you’re good, I can see your soul.”

“You know nothing, John Snow.”

He keeps on playing his  spider-mind games

I liquify under his teeth on my neck

If that’s how it feels to be eaten alive

Go ahead, babe, have another bite.

Maybe I could be your Polish princess

Glide in endless dance through the rooms of our castle

Kiss your tired forehead after a battle

Maybe you could be my Angolan prince

Krav Maga knight, soldier of my heart

Fighting demons, putting monsters to sleep…

Or you could be a monster, indeed

I’ll take the risk, just kiss me there

My butterfly flutters in your sticky web

Am I drowning again?

“Breathe,” he says, “Don’t you die now

I need you for later… I need you for life.”

His sweet venom poisons my mind

I don’t want to believe, leave me alone

But he keeps on entering my body and soul

Wraps my anxious thoughts in silk stronger than steel

“Don’t think too much, just feel.”

And so I give Yin, my walls crumble down

His sweet energy swirls up my spine

Feeds my brain with delicious Yang

We’re a Tantric knot of passion and joy

There’s no way back from this, you know? 

Star-crossed lovers in the times of a WhatsApp call

Let’s not sleep tonight, tomorrow I’ll be gone

Six thousand kilometers away, I wish I could stay.

“You sure you wanna do this?”

His whisper breaks my fear

I brush my wings against his reckless lips

He locks his arms around my longing heart

Crazy boy, you don’t even know the trouble you’ve got

I will love you across the ocean and time

Pollinate your mind with my poetry and smile

Tattoo your body with my tongue, “mine, mine, MINE”

Get you addicted to my nectar, get you hooked

Get you obsessed, with no cure

So think twice before you ask me that.

I’m sure.