The Boy Called Home

I love everything about you

Your breathtaking face, the depth of your eyes

Your cheeks when you smile

I’m so charmed by your shape

Your divine arms that keep me safe

I’m mesmerized

You have me on my knees

Humbled, defeated, hypnotized.

I cannot comprehend you

I can’t keep you in my hands

You slip away

Right between my fingers

Each time I close my fist

To beat against your brain

I wanna understand

I need to understand!

You’re uncontrollable


Wild like Angolan jungle

But I need to know

It’s my time to get in.

I’ve travelled the world

But I’ve never seen a land like this

I step in with fear

Hold onto the red string of fate

The same I’ve tried to cut piece by piece

Burn with anger, melt with tears

But it’s still here

Indestructible like our souls.

I follow the thread into your wilderness

How beautiful you are!

I see honor, duty, unbreakable strength of character

I’m stunned by your love for adrenaline

Determination to achieve every dream

No matter how much shit

Life throws in your face

Pain, violence, loneliness

Some doors, you keep closed

Regardless of how hard I knock

It’s not the time, babe, stop.

Will I get lost? So lost in you I forget myself?

It’s already too far to turn back.

The thread hurts my hands

I bleed to the ground

So tired, so starved

But I keep on walking

My eyes on your light.

This love is like faith

Intangible and saint

With no guarantee of success

With no salvation to be bought

At the altar of our church

It tastes like heaven

But sometimes it hurts like hell

Cuz you’re so far away…

That endless string of fate

Keeps me alive

Gets me back on my feet

When I trip over my fears.

I love everything about you

Your forests and your deserts

Your secrets and closed doors

Your darkness and your light

I’ll never back off, I’ll never even try

I won’t get bored of discovering your paths

I’ve made home in your soul

And I’m planning to stay.

This land is claimed.