A Girl on a Motorbike

I love to wake you up in the morning, hear your impatient groan

You know it’s me and you know what’s coming

You purr at me, “Bring it on!”

I wrap you with my legs, stroke your levers and brakes

Your muscles made of steel, covered with dark skin

I put my right hand on you, “Listen to me”

I pull it down and here we are


We go on a ride, the road is ours, it’s just you and me

His smile, his stride, his goddamn smell—it all disappears

Last night you were the only one

You took me on your back, drunk and mad

You dried my tears with a wave of wind

And your faithful hum

“Everything’s gonna be all right

I will take you home, I will keep you safe

In the endless embrace of the foggy highway”

When I opened my eyes today

You were still there

At the door

Guarding the entrance to my soul.

I press on the gas, we take that curve with verve

They call it the Suicide Corner

Oh, if I died now, I wouldn’t care

What a beautiful death…

What a beautiful death!

With glass and blood in my hair but with a smile on my face

You could kill me in a second

You make me feel so alive instead!

You won’t let me crash and burn

‘Cause we’re one, made of the same clay

Designed for fun rides, doomed to run away

Until they can’t find us, fear and pain

They won’t catch us ever again!

I don’t even remember where you begin and where I end

Your cables and my veins, your engine and my brain

Are connected in perfect understanding

What’s the only thing worth living and dying for

The only thing making us forget and move one

Pumping our hearts with gasoline and blood

The only, the purest, the greatest, true love—