True Love’s Kiss

They told me WAIT.

So I did.

Stretched in the lemniscate of hope

With my bloodless hands hanging from a cloud

With translucent lips frozen in a yearning pout

Of anticipation.


Hundreds of years passed

Kingdoms fell and rose fell and

Rose losing petals and grandeur

Mountains and seas shrunk in number

From seven to six from six to five from five to

Four hurried minutes on Skype

Before the match starts.

My castle stayed

Suspended in the void like a silly sad zeppelin

Black and white from shame

Spiders built nests in my shiny golden hair

Darkness built fury in my gracefully clasped hands

My eyes rolled right to left right to left in exasperated REM

If I’d known it would take you so goddamn long

I wouldn’t have touched that bloody spindle at all!


Oh, I will wait NOT!

I will rise and shine like the brightest star

I will slay and burn like the arid sun

I will prick dragon’s heart and throw it to MY feet

This is MY hero’s journey and MY golden fleece

The Light of Glory belongs to ME

For me bushes burn and voices call from the sky

For me mountains crumble and seas divide

I shall not wholly die!

So don’t trouble yourself

Your weary horse and  your rusty sword

There are no lips waiting to be saved

It’s too late.

I’ve just kissed myself.