The Olympians

what do you see?

Aphrodite’s daughter

the art-nouveau lines

of her shoulders and thighs

turn your startled breath into a monument

she smiles so sweetly

her voice pierces through your brain

she must be a demon

how else would you explain

the longing she pours into your dreams

the angst strangling your throat 

in a suppressed scream

no, that doesn’t feel right

no, you can’t lose your mind

and so you break away


what do you see?

if you could only know

inside the bust of stone

under the smirk of feigned confidence

masking anxiety with utmost competence

her heart yearns and calls

for a playfully audacious soul 

who finally understands

who takes the effort to explore

the depths of her imagination

the dreamland of her inner world

she craves to share with you

like two kids, so euphoric and pure

we could forget our fears

and for a moment

simply be

be free

but you will never take the risk

on the high horse of your fragile masculinity

proud and detached like some kind of divinity

Ares armored in calculated disdain

you’re safe

and so we stay

victorious in our game

too conceited to take the first step

we overlook the modern dating scene 

from an imaginary peak

oh yes, we’re the Olympian Gods