Loving you is like eating crushed glass.

Sharp pieces hurt my throat,

Bleed with the unsaid words,

Te amo.

Loving you is not a ride on a merry-go-round,

Has its ups and downs but is always fun, no.

It reminds more

Of being smashed on a breaking wheel,

Bone by bone,

Hope after hope.

You serve me pain as if it was cocaine.

I make lines of it

On my wrists

And snort it

Through a rolled illusion,

What if?

My good love is not good for you.

It gives you nausea and butterflies.

You quickly tear apart

Their wings

Before anyone could see

Your vulnerability.

My heart is a strawberry

That you refuse to eat

I try to feed you, look how tasty it is.

But you want bags of worms,

Yellow pus,

And ache that’ll break

You into half-man,


I give you a box of feelings for dessert.

This lemon pie is Joy

And that creamy mousse, next to Intimacy juice,

Is Tenderness.

Now you vomit in the colors of the rainbow

Stain my new dreams

With reality.

We’re stuck in here

In this tight eternity,

At this never-ending table.

Me with strawberries and you with glass,

Stared into each other’s eyes

Like mirrors,

You with strawberries and me with glass.

We’re dying of hunger.