Badass Heart

I’ve never asked to be born a Poet

Marked by the hypersensitivity disorder

Romantic to the bone, emotionally damaged

But here I am, existentially challenged.

Life dragged my soul through the sea of crap

Love lured me into hundreds of traps

And just when I thought I’ve finally had

That mystical connection, the unbreakable ties

Yet another shiny diamond before my eyes

Turned out to be a sadistic mirage.

But fuck that shit, I still want it

My badass Heart is a Rambo of romance

Sewing its own wounds and asking for another

Lulling Mind to sleep and clicking on a sad song

No, I’m not done, I still believe in love.

Cuz what didn’t kill me, made me fonder

What didn’t work out, made me wonder

If you’re somewhere out there, just as broken and tired

Fighting the same battles, struggling to survive it

Dreaming of a woman who will love you to death

Who will embrace your soul, who will understand

A loyal warrior girl, always on your side

We’re partners in crime, like Bonnie and Clyde

On the dance floor, in travel, and certainly in bed

In any fucking project we will ever have

Our kids, dreams, taking over the world

We’re in this together, for better or worse.
So hold in there, the Future Love of My Life

For you I glue the shreds of my heart

I’m not a perfect woman, a bit bruised and quite scarred

Not a princess at all, more of a vagabond

But every lesson learned, every bullshit dispelled

Made me a better human, strengthened my faith

Not in fairy tale knights and romance alpha males

But in the existence of a real man

Honorable, truthful, keeping his word

One day we will meet, of that I’m sure

Meanwhile, I’ll be what I am—a warrior girl

Chasing my dreams, working my ass off

Enjoying life, pursuing my life goals

Becoming the person I would like to marry

So you’d better be qualified for this, babe

Cuz I’m dead serious and seriously ready

For Our Love.