It wasn’t easy. Words didn’t want to come.

Like unwanted puppies forsaken years ago.

They barked at me and escaped my tender hands

Outstretched to pet their proud bellies and tails.

“You didn’t want us,” they angrily complained.

“You left us stuck in your nerves and veins

You trapped us in your head

No way to express ourselves!

And now you’re back

To dig us out

To throw us up and down

Like a circus clown

On the sheets of your liquid crystal mind.

No, we won’t let you play with our rhythm and beat

No, we won’t run and yield to your deceitful feet

Go away!”

Yet, soon they came

And looked for my fingers to lick.

They climbed on my chest and let my breath

Shape their long-forgotten names.

Just as it was before

They hopped and crawled

They jumped back and forth

Scrolled down the page

In a fiery monologue.

Just under my fingers

Just before my eyes

The world fell apart

And a new one came to life.

My Words and I

Became One.

My noisy pups came back to me

And I returned to be

Their bitch—

A Poetess.