Moon Art

What’s Moon Art? It’s any kind of creative endeavor you make on the nights of certain lunar phases. I feel particularly inspired during the New Moon and Full Moon. I do rituals, meditate, journal, burn my intentions, and draw or paint whatever comes to my mind, whatever helps me manifest my desires. Sometimes I use my moonblood, sometimes just watercolors or a pencil. There are no rules. The only rule is to tune into the energy of the Moon and let it create through you.

Here are my inspired paintings. What does the Moon wants you to create?

Sekhmet by Elena Leman, New Moon reinvention.
Uncrowned Queen, by Elena Leman, inspired by Covid-19 lockdown.
Love is a Choice, by Elena Leman, #BLM.
The Lionfly, by Elena Leman.
Half-lion, half-broken heart, by Elena Leman.
Amethyst Lion & the Mooneyed Girl, by Elena Leman.
In your loving hands I thrive, Yoni Painting by Elena Leman.