The Final Journey

You take me into dark places

Muddy swamps infested with memories and toads

Tight burrows dug by my most shameful sorrows

From a branch hangs a bloodthirsty nymph

“Come closer stranger, give me a sip

Your sanity for the passage to the other side”

No, I don’t wanna go, let’s turn around

Let’s blissfully float on the surface of my mind

Undisturbed, unaware, undead.

Yet you take my hand and lead me in

Deeper into my terrifying head

What do you want from me?

Eat my soul? Drink my brain?

Why are you taking me there?

“Trust me,” you bless my eyelids with a kiss

Trust? A blinding sweetness of the morning mist

When love still tasted like wild berries and gummy bears

When a brush of fingers caused a gasp for air

When together meant forever and with nobody else

Trust! Slayed my forearms with a piece of glass

Found on the ground where he left me to die

No trust for me, man, I prefer to eat dirt.

“Silly girl,” you embrace my trembling waist

We descend into darkness calling out my name

The skeleton woman’s breath caresses my neck

Her bony fingers sink into my breast

The tower of ego falls apart, just like that

A thousand screaming heartbreaks crack the sky

A thousand broken promises, a thousand hopes in shreds

How can I trust you if I have no faith?

How can I love you if I have no heart?

“Tsss,” you say, “don’t look back”

We move further than I’ve ever let anyone in

Monsters lurk at us from behind the trees

Foam and gore drip down their yellow teeth

You softly wipe away their angry tears

They disappear.

We’re almost there, you open the gate

A ray of light pierces through my brain

A cloud of butterflies burst out of my chest

I fall to my knees, humbled by eternity

If it’s not madness, then it is death

If it’s not death, then it is… what?

It is love, babe, it is LOVE

The greatest, the saintest, henosis of souls

The blood of God, the core of existence

From the depths of bullshit and mental resistance

Cuts through illusion like a cosmic diamond

Untouched, immortal, and crystal-clear

Breaks into pieces this fucking fear!

You take me into light places

Meadows of wild berries and stardust trapped between our breaths

Where together means forever and with nobody else

I will travel with you till the edge of the universe!

In the spacecraft of your arms I’ve finally found

A man of honor, courage, and candor

From now on, for better or worse

Home has only one name—.