“Five days on Koh Lanta seemed like three months, a dream within a dream. I woke up every morning in my little bungalow on the Klong Khong Beach, ate a banana roti pancake, and glided through the island on my beloved Tigrillo, like Aladdin on a magic carpet. From the top of it, I explored that new land, its elephants, scorpions, and yellow snakes, its massaman curry and souvlaki in the Greek Taverna, its shimmering wet rocks and white crabs invading the beach as if it were D-Day.

In the evenings I wandered along the Klong Khong Beach and always chose a different bar to smoke and watch the fire show. Nestled into comfy carpets and cushions spread on the sand, accompanied by the candlelight and the hum of the sea, I watched bare-chested Thai boys dancing with the flames. I gasped in awe waiting for the burning wand to fall to the ground. But the boy caught it on time. He looked into my eyes and smiled, his beautiful young face golden from warm glares. I blushed. Fire, a truly hot element.”