The Handless Maiden

Once I had a heart
Now there is a cactus in its place
It grows with every breath I take
Sharp spikes perforate my lungs
Pierce through the balloon stuck in my chest
Boom! What a beautiful mess.God, I don’t understand your ways
You give and take away, give and take away
You throw my dreams into the air
I run like a dog, I fetch
But that’s my soul in your hands!

Have I offended You?
Have I been a bad girl?
Do I deserve a punishment?
Have I dared to reach for the scepter
To claim my place
As the Creator of My Universe
Master of My Fate
Captain of My Ship
Called Lucifer
Am I… Lucifer?
A deluded angel humbled by your grace
I’ve made a mistake…

Because I can’t see
Beyond what’s in front of me
My limited mind cannot comprehend
The mastery of Your plan
Defeated and handless, I have to trust
You will show me the path
So I submit
My life, my work, my love
To Your will
Do with me as You wish
I’m Yours.

All I can do now is to pray
All that I have now is FAITH.