Failed Quest

I was never a bashful stream

Falling coyly into your dream

Zigzagging blithely around your mind

Just for fun.

I was an ocean

Bursting from a yearning chest

My breast heavy from passion

I wanted to share

My belly aching from laughter

Of children we’ve planned to have

And poetry.

You were a sailor

Jason in search of his Golden Fleece

In love with the freedom of an open sea

Possessed by the ocean’s fierceness and depth

You rode with delight on my ecstatic waves

In spite of leviathans lurking from darkness

You were dauntless.

But you didn’t expect

To find sea monsters inside your own head

You didn’t know

Love dives deep to the bottom of your soul

You did not understand

Closing eyes to your waves means death.

You should’ve learned how to sail

Before embarking on a quest.

In the end

It wasn’t my storm

That sank your boat

But yours.

In the end

You were never the man

You claimed to be

But just a boy.