She’s a trap in which I keep falling

Her ceaseless arms twist round my lungs

Clasp my breath in unbearable longing

Each time I let her gush through my heart

I give up defeated and moaning

My multiple o’s are the death of me

Enslaving like dopamine, serotonin

Curse Cupid dips His arrows in

Tightly locked in her possessive claws

Hooked on a fable my brain told my body

I mistakenly thought you were the cause

But you could’ve been just anybody

My joy was mine and mine only

You merely happened to tag along

Completely delusional and utterly phony

With nothing to offer but an empty form

A passive vessel of my wishful wanting

I lavishly filled with my dreams and hopes

A soulmate connection built in the air

Induced by elusive amino acid potion

Heights of euphoria, depths of despair

Love as immense as Pacific Ocean

Had nothing to do with you to be fair

I simply OD’ed on oxytocin.