Happy Ever(ywhere) After

A Whimsical Journey Across Turkey, Costa Rica, Colombia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand.

They call me “princess,” but that’s not what I am. I’m an adventurer, a stargazer, a tireless explorer of new lands, riding to exhaustion the horse called Freedom. Sometimes, Freedom smells of cat pee, musty mattresses, and backpackers’ sweat… But usually, it has the soothing taste of my own soul.

Trapped by the societal expectations of small-town Poland and the bruising caress of her husband-to-be, Kamila feels the opposite of excitement at her upcoming graduation. A short scholarship in Turkey is meant to quench her secret wanderlust before she ties her fate to the man she fears more than she loves. Unexpectedly, a coffee-reader’s divination puts her on the path with no way back.

Inspired by the author’s nomadic lifestyle, this contemporary quest for meaning explores the ups and downs of solo female travel and expatriate life, in which home is not a place but a state of mind. And love is a story with a Happy Ever(ywhere) After.

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