Incandescence is live Nov 9 2020!

What if an ancient light being from an advanced alien species woke up in the body of a water nymph on a planet ruled by elemental magic, warrior tribes, and creatures of darkness?

Exchanging Crystals of Emotions is her mission, JOY is the core of her existance.
But a certain brooding tattoo artist stubbornly refuses to make the exchange. Until he has no choice.


What if a closed, mistrusting warlord, as protective of his little sister as of his own heart, struck an unusual deal with a green seductress who just can’t leave him alone?

A sacred tribal tattoo for saving his sister’s life sounds fair. Easy, even.
Until it’s not.


Incandescence is available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle. Go grab it!

I am in awe of the beauty of this stupendous, radiant, INCANDESCENT illustration by Daniella Salomão! This artwork is the soul of my book. 😍😭🤩

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